More and more, each of us needs to take a greater hand in our investment lives. 

This is especially true of investing for retirement.  With the steady decline in defined pension plans, most of us have to take responsibility for managing our retirement funds.

Our mission at Constancy Investors is to help you help yourself along this critical journey.  Our website embodies this mission—openly providing you with the understanding and tools you need to invest successfully.  Step-by-step and in plain, jargon-free language.  The Learn tab of the website helps fill our educational and informative role as an advisor, with its two sections, Time Frame and Mindset and Exercising Common Sense.  In the Plan tab, we provide planning tools to help you formulate a common sense investment plan, with as much assistance from us as you like.  We tailor this plan to your specific circumstances and varying investment goals, retirement most importantly.  In the Invest tab, we describe how we’ve designed the Constancy Investment Portfolios to systematically implement your plan—to eliminate guesswork and maximize the likelihood of successful outcomes.

This Encouragement tab is all about helping you stay the course, once you have implemented an investment plan.

  • The Your Temperament, Your Plan tab is a personalized repository for your Constancy stuff.  If you’ve created a login for the site, you can always see here the results of your Investor Temperament Questionnaire.  Those that have taken advantage of an obligation-free financial planning session can find a link to that plan here.  And finally, our investment clients can find a link to their reports and accounts.
  • The Constancy Community is a forum open to all to express how they’re feeling about the financial markets.  We will offer statistical observations to help put concerns into a long-term perspective.  Studies indicate that investors are much better able to weather market downturns and stick with a plan when they are able to air and share their anxieties.
  • Current Considerations for the Constant Investor is a library of videos and other materials with our and other expert perspectives on enduring features of today’s financial environment and insights on long-term investing truths.

A special note of encouragement for the small investor

If you have found your way to the Constancy Investors website, you likely have been looking to gather information about how best to go about investing.

You may be just starting out.  Or perhaps past experience has made you feel a need to understand better the key principles of successful investing yourself.  You may very likely have found us out of necessity.  Because financial advisors typically base their fee on a percentage of a client’s assets and advising a small account requires almost as much effort as a large account, the small investor is often overlooked and under-served.  So you may have no choice but to come up with an investment plan on your own.

Whatever your motivations, we applaud and encourage your initiative.  With greater understanding, you will feel more comfortable and in control.

To begin, you should know that you are not alone.  In the United States, there is over $8 trillion dollars in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), but spread out in nearly 100 million accounts.  So, the average account size is just over $80,000.  The median account size is around $21,000, which means about 50 million accounts are of this size or smaller!

You are also not alone, because we are here to help.  As noted above, the first objective of our website is to help you help yourself.  To provide you with everything you might need—everything that a good financial advisor would provide—to invest successfully.

Due to the administrative costs of managing client assets, Constancy Investors requires a client minimum of $100,000 in Constancy-managed assets.  However, if a client is willing to take on the lion’s share of the administrative effort to enter financial plan data and establish accounts at TD Ameritrade, our recommended custodian, we may waive this minimum.  And, given our systematic and highly efficient investment approach, we hope to serve smaller clients as we continue todevelop and adopt technology to automate administrative tasks.

In all of this, simplicity is a guiding principle. 

For the more seasoned investor, we hope our common-sense perspectives are also of great value, as they often challenge poor practices that have become widespread in the investment industry.