About Us

My mission with this Constancy Investors website is to help people build long-term wealth in order to realize all their goals, especially with respect to retirement.  I do this simply by sharing what I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) as a student of finance and over 25+ years in the investment industry.  I’ve been fortunate to work at good firms with principled people.  But, I have nevertheless observed poor industry practices.  And I have seen loved ones poorly served as well. 

My idea here is simply to offer unvarnished insight, based solely on what I’ve come to believe works best for individual investors, supported by objective analysis and common sense.  Hopefully, you DIYers out there may find this useful.  But I, in fact, believe in the value of independent, capable financial advisers.  I think about it similar to how people may think about personal trainers.  Even if you know the exercises yourself, the trainer earns her living in the motivation, support and discipline she provides.  So, if you are looking for an adviser, hopefully this website helps you understand the type of philosophy and approach she should bring.  Above all, make sure any financial provider is a fiduciary, which means he or she must put your interest first.

Carl W. Gardiner, CFA

Carl is the author of the Constancy Investors website.  He has worked in the investment industry for 25 years, including as an analyst and portfolio manager at two value investment boutiques and two long/short equity hedge funds.  Earlier in his career, he advised corporations as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch.  He holds a B.A. with High Honors from the University of Virginia and a M.A. from Johns Hopkins University.  Carl is a CFA charterholder and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary.