My goal with this website is to offer perspectives on what works best in investing. I believe simplicity needs to be a distinguishing feature of an investment approach that will serve you as an individual investor. My hope is to hand you the glass of water.

I hope this site provides you with everything you need to develop, implement and stick with a reliable approach to investing your hard-earned money to achieve your long-term financial goals. Above all, a secure and comfortable retirement.


I begin by empowering you with fundamental know-how. Common sense perspectives on what works and does not work in investing—in simple language and step-by-step (if that’s how you like to do things). I do this under the Learn tab at the top of the page, in two parts—Time Frame and Mindset and Exercising Common Sense.


Second, I offer some tools that you may find useful in designing an investment plan that capitalizes on your advantages as an individual investor.  The Investor Temperament Questionnaire and Planning Tools help tailor this plan to your unique circumstances and personality. You will find these in the second tab at the top of this page—Plan.


Finally, if these investment principles make sense to you, you can put your plan into action with investment portfolios specific to each of your goals. In an uncertain world, the Constancy Investment Portfolios are examples of how you can systematically manage those things you can control to maximize the likelihood of successful outcomes.

In everything you do, you should make sure that investment providers put your interests first.

Evidence-based investing, combining the best of active and passive. I believe the most successful individual investors and their advisors practice evidence-based investing, employing an investment line-up of stock and bond funds that serve as the building blocks of a diversified portfolio.

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